Evaluation of the application files of the local initiatives in East-mono

Celebration of the World Toilet Day (WMD) at CEG Notsè Ville1
November 28, 2018
Establishment of water committees in the Est Mono Prefecture
November 28, 2018

On November 20, 2018, a meeting was held in the meeting room of the council of the prefecture of the Est Mono in order to proceed to the evaluation of the application files of the local initiatives of social-environmental nature with the support of Enterprises Territories and Development (ETD).

The meeting began with a welcome from the Secretary of the Council (SC), Mr. ADI Mélébou. After thanking participants for traveling and congratulating ETD for “considerable support for the Est Mono community”, the latter called on the Evaluation Commission to be impartial in order to achieve sustainable.

Following the intervention of the Secretary of the Council, the presentation of the Support Fund for Local Initiatives (FAIL) was made and it appears that the FAIL is a financial device that allows communities to improve the practices and capacities of civil society (associations, groups, village committees, ad hoc committees) following a call for projects.

Explanations based on the FAIL Code of Procedures were then provided to the assistance by Mr. DJIRAM Tofic and Mr. NYAKOKPA Séményon respectively Territorial Animator and Agricultural Technician at ETD. The explanations focused on the principles governing the FAIL, the eligibility criteria of an organization, the financing modalities and the role of the different actors involved in the process.

As one of the eligibility criteria, the FAIL Code of Procedure states that the bidder organization must have at least one year of existence, have completed at least one recent collective action and have a number of members greater than or equal to five.

The evaluation committee was composed of the Presidents of Cantonal Development Committees (CCD), the Prefectural Chef of the Environment and the Head of the Institute of Advice and Technical Support (ICAT). Six out of fifteen files were selected. The others were judged economic and not social-environmental; they do not meet the stipulations of the call for projects. It was decided to return them to the holders for redrafting by 27 November.

As a reminder, the FAIL has been operational since 2011 under the Program of Support to Local Governance and Dynamics of Territories (PAGLOC) that led ETD in the Notsé commune and the prefectures of Haho and Moyen-mono. With the arrival of the Support Program for the Strengthening of Local Participative Democracy for Sustainable Development (PARDL-DD) in 2016, East-Mono also benefits from this financial mechanism.

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