Projets et programmes

ETD has several years of experience, during which, various projects were launched. Some have come to an end, and others are still running.

ETD’s future action programs revolve around the strategic axes defined in its strategic orientation plan (2010-2014), namely :

  • Axis 1. Validate, capitalize and enhance the achievements in support of family farming and market access
  • Axis 2. Engage innovatively in the area of ​​decentralization and local economic development
    Axis 3. Adapt the organizational structure, at the operational and governance levels, to a controlled growth strategy
  • Axis 4. Open to new technical and institutional partnerships to participate more actively in public policy think tanks
  • Axis 5. Implement an external communication dynamic and get involved in stakeholder networks of Beninese and Togolese civil society

From these axes flow a number of projects that are presented.
1. Projects / programs in progress
2. Projects / completed programs

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