Three (03) training sessions started as part of the PAEIJ-SP project

Discussions between stakeholders of family farming: ETD – CPF – APME2A
May 7, 2018
Publication of 2017 Administrative account of Notsè commune
May 14, 2018

On Tuesday, May 08, 2018, three (03) training sessions began simultaneously in the cities of Notsè, Atakpamé and Bassar. These sessions aim to train young people in agricultural entrepreneurship and business plan development. They are part of the continuation of the Employability Support and Youth Inclusion Project in the Carrier Sectors (PAEJ-SP).

The training of first-time entrepreneurs is an integral part of the activities of the PAEIJ-SP whose purpose is to identify and support micro and small businesses, first-time companies and structuring companies in the creation of values ​​and therefore jobs and wealth through agro-industrial clusters in the agricultural value chain perspective.

To achieve this goal, the NGO ETD was chosen so that we can rely on six (06) of the structuring companies (ESOP) which it promotes to insert 13500 young people and women including 720 primo entrepreneurs carrying farm business ideas.

In 2017, 169 first-time entrepreneurs were trained in the development of their business plan. For 2018, it is expected the recruitment of 400 primo entrepreneurs. It is with this in mind that the training runs from May 8 to May 11, 2018 for the first entrepreneurs on vegetable sectors (maize, cassava and soy).

These trainings bring together a hundred people including 31 first entrepreneurs in Notsè, 35 in Atakpamé and 35 in Bassar. Each training is led by 2 ETD executives with the possible presence of a representative of the PMU or MDBAJEJ. The trainers will be supported by 2 to 3 input operators whose role will be to help primo fill their business plan templates.

The three training sessions will be based on the soy, maize and cassava technical-economic benchmarks developed by the project. In order to facilitate learning, simplified guides will be used to guide the development of business plans co-produced by ETD and PAEIJ-SP experts.

In preparation for the training sessions, it was organized for first-time applicants, networking meetings with structuring companies and aggregators so that they could discuss collaboration and market conditions.

These four-day trainings will be done through: presentations on Powerpoint and / or on board; individualized coaching; discussions, exchanges, and role plays; and a synthesis of the topics taught.

Different themes are to be developed in module namely:

Module 1: The generalities of PAEIJ SP
Module 2: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Spirit
Module 3: The different elements of the business plan
Module 4: the practical development work of the individual business plan of the Primo entrepreneurs.
During this first day of training, participants’ expectations were collected and then the training framework was presented (goals, expected results, methodological approach, program validation and rules of procedure). The first two modules were then developed in the morning and the third was started in the afternoon.

At the end of the four days of training, each participant should be able to provide his business plan developed and understand the usefulness and the main axes of use, as a contractor.

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