Meeting of Orientation and Follow-up Committee in Notsé

Celebration of Tree Day in Haho Prefecture
June 5, 2018
Opening of the MIFA fair in Togo
June 26, 2018

On 29 May, the traditional meeting of the Orientation and Monitoring Committee (COS) took place in Notsè, which brings together development stakeholders from the prefectures of Haho, Moyen-Mono, Est-Mono and the commune of Notsè to discuss sustainable development issues in their territories.

Organized every year since 2010 under the initiative of the NGO “Enterprises Territories and Development” (ETD), this edition has experienced the active participation of the Prefects and was led by the manager of the commune of Notsé.

Wishing the cordial welcome to the meeting, in place of the General Secretary, the focal point of the project management of the commune of Notsé invited the participants to give the best of themselves so that «the meeting good fruits “.

For its part, the Prefect of Haho praised the various support of ETD that enabled “the strengthening of the human resources capacities of the four communities, the mobilization of financial resources and the construction of socio-community structures that have contributed to improving the living conditions of the communities. populations “. Before declaring open the work of the COS, he invited all development actors to work to preserve the achievements of the various projects.

Following their par, the other Prefects showed themselves in their word of circumstance satisfied with the work of support and assistance of ETD. They also welcomed the increased capacity of their communities to address the challenges of decentralization if local elections were to be organized.

For its part, the Local Governance, Decentralization and Sustainable Management Program Manager of the ETD Territories, representing the Director General of ETD, took the floor to reiterate the commitment of premary responsibility of the structure to assist the communities in their development and the need to sustain the COS as an institutional tool for consultation and negotiation across their territories. This sustainability aims to prepare the communities for the operating model that will be theirs after the local elections, with reference to Articles 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31 of the new law on decentralization of 31 January 2018.

The Program Officer concluded her address with thanks to the financial and technical partners of ETD including the EU, GETM and CIDR. She also extended encouragement to the PARDL-DD team and project implementation partners.

The work of the meeting continued with the presentation of the level of progress of the PARDL-DD activities and the communication of the 2018 envelopes of the Territories Development Fund (FDT) and the Support Fund for Local Initiatives (FAIL). Following these presentations, a presentation was made on the changes registered with stakeholders and in communities. These changes are the results of the program interventions that have been implemented in these territories and identified from the markers of progress identified / retained as of 2016 by all development stakeholders.

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